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Card & Card Store Itabashi Tournament (OCG)

1º Lugar
Jogador: Stardust
Deck: Infernity
Infernity Archfiend x3
Infernity Necromancer x3
Infernity Beetle x3
Dark Grepher x3
Infernity Mirage x2

Pot of Duality x3
Mystical Space Typhoon x2
Foolish Burial x1
Monster Reborn x1
Reinforcement of the Army x1
Infernity Laucher x1
Giant Trunade x1
Dark Hole x1
Allure of Darkness x1
Book of Moon x1
One for One x1

Trap Stun x3
Solemn Warning x2
Bottomless Trap Hole x2
Seven Tools of the Bandit x2
Solemn Judgment x1
Mirror Force x1
Torrential Tribute x1

Extra Deck:
T. G. Hyper Librarian x2
Gaia Knight the Force of the Earth x2
Ally of Justice Catastor x1
Iron Chain Dragon x1
Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier x1
Arcanite Magician x1
Black Rose Dragon x1
Infernity Doom Dragon x1
Scrap Dragon x1
Stardust Dragon x1
Dark End Dragon x1
Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier x1
Thought Ruler Archfiend x1
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